My civic obligation

Jury duty. First time.

I got called once in WA but was living out of state. Anybody have experience with jury duty?

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In DC everyone gets called for jury duty every two years like clockwork. Some people even put it on their calendars ahead of time. Mandy and I have both been picked for juries– we hear they like choosing teachers, and our colleagues certainly get chosen often. Maybe librarians, too? I hope not! My parents have both lived in DC since long before I was born, and neither of them has ever been picked. When do you have to go?

The week after Thanksgiving. All the way to Lowell! I can call in the night before and see if they really truly want me to come in.

Last year I got called to both state and federal jury duty during the same week! Thankfully, I only had to go to federal, and I wasn’t chosen for the jury. The “training” video that they show to all potential jurors is a hoot! Keep an eye out for the librarian in the video.

Yes! A cheesy video will cheer me up. 8am is a ridiculous time to be there so I’ll need something to make it worth my while.

I got called up a few years ago. Its basically like cramming a bunch of smelly people into a room until you get called to a trial. I got put on a jury for a woman who stole a ton of construction equipment and claimed that she has “permission” from the company. She was going to build a “wheel chair ramp for a friend”. The company claimed that they never gave her permission to take the wood and equipment. GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was on a federal jury case 4 years ago. Very interesting and I’m glad I did it (I had no choice, you can’t mail in an excuse).

I got picked in Boston for a breaking and entering trial right when I was starting my job in NH (they didn’t count that as an excuse to be let off the hook). It was a week- they fed us lunch and it was interesting. Pay attention to everything even if you are sitting in chair 13 and 14 though, because you are not necessarily the “alternate” jury members. They pick at the end of the trial.

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