Hazel Tate Cain

Hazel popped into the world on the morning of April 12.

6 pounds 4 ounces of extra cute. Katie did a crazy great job and everyone is feeling super.

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She’s a beauty. Congratulations and welcome to the family little Hazel.

SO cute! Remember, it’s a crazy bright, loud, cold world for that little peanut. Bring on the 5 Ss!

ok, I just pushed Michael away from the computer and licked the screen. she’s exquisite. and I super duper love her name. my warmest congratulations and wishes for lengthy naps.

Hadley and I have been watching this video repeatedly, on high volume, in order to appreciate each and every tiny baby sound. She is beyond precious! Congrats to all. xx

Gorgeous little pea, soak up every second! This video couldn’t be more telling of how beautiful life is. Congrats! Love, Tanya, Arno, Lil Arno and Riley

She’s a keeper. We hope the first night home is a nice one. Welcome little Hazel!

I just love that the video is quiet so that you can hear every sound Hazel is making….what a beautiful little girl!! Enjoy each and every day as you cannot believe how fast they grow. Congrats and best wishes to all!! Bonnie and Marc

What a beautiful little baby! She’s already so alert and interested in the world. I wish you all much joy and happiness together.


Dearest Katie,
She is absolutely wonderful!!! All my love to you and your new family!

I know it’s a bit late, but congratulations! Hazel is a good lookin’ girl and I hope the family is doing well.

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