Hazel’s library

Hazel really gets into the story

We’ve gotten a few inquiries on the contents of Hazel’s bookshelves. Her complete collection (all 62 books!) is available via LibraryThing.

View Hazel’s books

Look at those arms!

8 replies on “Hazel’s library”

The arms? How about that boffo delicious kissable tum’?!?
PS I’m getting incredibly excited for a rumored soon-to-be kissing session in person. Hurrah!

Ha. I must be related to one of these commenters, as I too was going to comment (well, am currently commenting) on the glorious and prodigious belly. So jealous that I will be the last of the Zs to meet the Hazel!

Hurrah for the Z family! Hazel is thrilled to be meeting all of you whenever it happens to happen 🙂

What a good little eatter! And, such a great collection of books! There are a few classics we don’t even have!!

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