Happy birthday Brita

Helping with the birthday surprise

Greeting the birthday girl

Big baby, little baby

Sporting her party dress

10 replies on “Happy birthday Brita”

Hooray for Brita’s birthday! Thanks for posting such great pictures. I wish I could have been there!

Little baby meeting of the minds!!! What a cute set of pictures. Happy happy happy birthday, Brita!!

These are so great! Hazel looks pretty as a picture in her party dress – I want to squeeze those chubby little legs!

How wonderful it was to catch up with K and A and the little miss in gingham. PS I consumed a large amount of your wonderful tea toward the end of the evening. Yes – another grandma says hurrah for both big and little babies. oxo

Carolyn, what are you proposing, exactly?!?

I’m sooo grateful that Hazel and her moms came to my birthday party! I’ve been waiting for three months now for those two babies to meet…

Thanks for helping with the surprise, Hazel!

You know, that we should babysit a lot more! Obviously. I have know idea what else you could be referring to.

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