Indoor recess

Big browns

This happens 1864 times a day

Proud to stand

Taking a tiny rest

Back to playtime

6 replies on “Indoor recess”

We had indoor recess in first grade today, too! I hope yours wasn’t because of lots of rain, like ours was! Hazel’s indoor recess looks like lots of fun!

Used to love indoor recess because we could play dodgeball! I think “standing proud” Hazel looks just like a baby Katherine Lee. Hope you guys are having a great evening and can’t wait to see you in about a week!!

Did you play dodgeball for indoor recess at Roaring Brook? I assure you I never played dodgeball during indoor recess, but I did used to create elaborate board games with Lisa G.

I LOVE the action shot of Lincoln. It reminds me so much of when Lucius was here with poor Millie. I think it’s going to take Millie 6 months to get over the tyranny of the L-man.

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