Waiting for the doc

Hazel at nine months: 16 pounds 9 ounces and 26 inches long.

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Obviously these pictures are pre-shot. She did have a shot.

And the poor little thing had a blood draw from her tiny finger. They squeezed and squeezed that sucker while she sobbed.

But she was a brave baby.

Oh, what a brave diaper baby!
I bet my mom saw many giant grins like this one turn into sobs. 🙁
But then to grins again, right?

We were able to get her mostly grinning after the shot, but recovery after the blood draw took longer. She did enjoy the band-aid on her finger, though. That was a big hit until it was confiscated as a choking hazard (mean mama!)

Wow, Hazel! Great growing!!!

I’m so sorry about the blood draw and the shot, and Theodore will be very sympathetic too when we tell him about it in the morning. I hope you’re feeling better! Good job, brave baby!

Hazel returned to her smiley self after returning home. She also had a nice, long afternoon nap.

You’re right, Brita Kate. Many grins turn to sobs, or out-right wails. And no, not all get resolved before leaving the office. Many, but not all. Oh, the sadness. (I think your nephew is one who really lets the wails be heard, according to Abby.) But these pics of Hazel – the pediatrician should make giant blow-ups of them and hang them on the waiting room walls. Priceless!

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