Rocking zebra

Hazel likes us to push the “gallop” button on her rocking zebra’s ear

4 replies on “Rocking zebra”

This is the sweetest thing I have ever seen (and I believe I have now watched it at least 20 times!)

I totally agree!! That sweet baby voice is The Best and her excitement is contagious! LoveloveLOVE it! (did I spell contagious correctly?)

Carolyn says she hasn’t commented on this video because “all I want to do is watch it.” She means this quite literally. So here we are again, at 10 pm on a school night, watching the zebra video. I’ve said twice more, and then we have to go to bed.

Well we aim to spread the joy! Tell Carolyn she should come over soon to play rocking zebra with Hazel in person.

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