Early spring

We spent lots of time outside on this surprise springy day.

Hazel gives swinging a go. She’s come a long way since this day.

Seriously windy hair

Hazel the mountain climber

Big leap with Sutton

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Checking out what Miss Hazel is up to is always the highlight of my work day! Her swing picture is pretty marvelous.

I loved following the link to Hazel swinging when she was 4 months old! And I loved the description in the comments, “She was very serious, but she wasn’t unhappy — just taking it all in”– exactly Theodore’s reaction to the playground yesterday! WOW, almost 11 months is so different!

And hi, Sutton!

Playground fun! I got to go to the playground with Lucius both yesterday (when Theodore went) and today (when Hazel went)…21 months is very different from almost 11, and also from four! Lucius now climbs on things while proclaiming “no hands.” (His mother loves that.) I will have playground photos to add to the mix sometime next week!

wow…what a difference 7 months make! I love the seriously windblown hair…she looks like she could be extreme boarding!

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