More happies

Balloons are weird and fun

A Grammy cake with one candle

Up high on Grampy’s shoulders

Dead end wagon path

Straight into the kitty basket

6 replies on “More happies”

Not Molly’s favorite moment. She’s quite patient with Hazel, though.

What a fun-filled day at Pine Pt!!! Looks like Hazel made off with some great loot, too. Crab-gal is also having a blast on grampy’s shoulders. Miss you all!!

The cutest! HB, HTC! (Also, are those little red baby Toms? I have the grown-up version! They’re the best.)

They are indeed little red baby Toms! An adorable gift from Uncle Had and Auntie Kate. You and Hazel should wear them together and we can take twinsie pictures.

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