Exploring in the sandbox

With shovels and pail

Watching the little guy in the next swing who also says “kitty”

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Wow! The sandbox! Theodore thinks sandboxes look like fun (and so do we), but we think he’d eat the sand the second he got in one, so he hasn’t gotten to. When was Hazel able to start using sandboxes without eating sand… or was that never a problem, or is it still?

Hazel ate some sand and seemed unfazed. (I on the other hand hate sand in my mouth. Blech!) Thankfully she was more involved with digging in and touching sand than eating it.

I am wearing my heart socks today! We should coordinate sometime. Oh, and the heart barrette! How did that work for the sandbox?

It was superb. Barrettes even became something of a recurring theme that day, since an older girl kept offering Hazel one of her own, right off her head.

Yes! Those heart socks (with the blue sneaks) put me right over the edge, cuteness-wise!
Hazel appears totally at home in the sandbox environment. A beach girl at her core!
I dopn’t have heart socks (like Brita) but I do have red polka dot ones. Maybe a fun socks party is in our future!

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