Mother’s Day 2012

We’re back from an exciting weekend in D.C.

With uncie

Hazel sure is a lot bigger than she was last Mother’s Day!

Fire truck!


Playing with Theodore!

Theodore and his moms on Mother’s Day

What a happy boy

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confession- its been a little while since i last checked into the easysticks. What a beautiful little girl you guys have! Her smile is so full of love and life and her hair is insanely awesome! and tiny baby hazel aint so tiny any more!

Hooray for your visit to DC! It looks like you had lots of fun when we weren’t seeing you, too! I love all of the pictures, but my favorite of all from this batch is the one with Hazel walking down the sidewalk with her uncle and her grandpa. Thanks for coming!

p.s. Where did the “notify me of follow up comments” button go? Even though all the comments go to my google reader, I love that button because I check my email way more than I check my reader!

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