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She is so cute. Overwhelmingly adorable. Absolutely delightful. Thanks for sharing this video!

I love this! She is becoming such a little girl! Her barnyard dance is pretty amazing, as well 🙂

With a BAA and a MOO and a COCKADOODLEDOO everybody promenade two by two!

Or does she know a different barnyard dance?

This video is fantastic! Go Hazel!

Same barnyard dance! When cooperating she can stomp her feet, clap her hands, bow to the horse and cow, and twirl with the pig. We didn’t make it past stomping here, but it’s really fun when we do!

That’s some cute business. I’m gonna start saying “hot” that way. I’m ripping off her material.

The BRILLIANCE!!!! (…oh, and also the luck/genius of the Mommy who managed to catch it all in one clip. Amazing!)

You probably know that it’s all luck and no genius. Luck and several takes.

L o v e d every single moment of this absolutely delicious video! (not to mention the over the top adorable onesie!)

Five stars! I love the kisses at the end. As Carolyn says frequently, “she just keeps getting cuter…how is that possible?!?”

Is there a limit to how many times I can watch this? She is so smart and cute and Katie your photos and videos are superb

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