Sibling Day

Hazel welcomes everyone to Connecticut

Where we enjoyed Sibling Day with the extended Sosnoffs

And celebrated Hadley and Kate’s engagement!

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I love every single one of these pictures! Hazel and Annabel both look so big. And hooray again for Hadley and Kate! What a fabulous photo of the two of them.

Thanks Abbey! There was a lot of talk about Annabelle being a big kid among those who are most used to her being the little kid. From my standpoint she was sooooo big and from Hazel’s she was fascinating!

Thanks for these wonderful pics, Katie! Sibling Day 2012 was a great success and I look forward to our next gathering! I LOVED meeting Ms. HTC. I think we can add hop hop hop to her verbal repertoire! I agree, beautiful photo of Hadley and Kate! xx

Hazel loved meeting her great aunt Vida! Fabulous to see you and Frank and Cree!

Three cheers for Sosnoff siblings! And three more for Hadley and Kate…who needs professional Engagement Photos when you have Photographer Katie?

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