Happy Birthday Supermom!

Courageous pool player

A very happy birthday evening cuddle

7 replies on “Happy Birthday Supermom!”

H a p p y B i r t h d a y, A n n i e ! I love this entire set of pics…including the quite adorable wind up duckie!

The wind up duck has been a hit both in and out of water. That one was an Uncle Hadley gift. Thank you Unc!

Happy Birthday, Annie! We’ve been thinking about you all day long!!! Hooray for such a lovely new number!

And I love that you’re teaching Hazel already about wearing water shoes. Were there sharp shells? 🙂 She looks like a very brave pool swimmer!

Hazel was in and out of the pool so often that it made sense to leave her shoes on. She seemed to like it!

Annie! So sorry I am late on this,I hope you had a great day! Looks like it was tons of fun and Miss Hazel had a blast entertaining her Supermom on her birthday.

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