Profile in the setting sunlight

Urgently signing “all done” to the garden hose

Another view of “all done”

Smelling mint from the garden

Bath time smile

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Nothing beats that magic (or golden) hour of photography, right? If only we always had the patience and time and opportunity to wait for it! oxo

All done, meaning she was playing with water? I used to play with the garden hose in the driveway for hours on end! ALL DONE!

She’s been signing “all done” lately to any machine that makes a noise. She says “all done” to the hairdryer, the vacuum, the hose and other things we can control as well as many things we can’t like lawn mowers in the neighbors’ yards.

These photos make me miss Hazel so very much! She is becoming such the little person. Her photo in the bath tub is way too cute.

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