Snacking and chatting

Hazel was making a show of licking her nectarine

So I pulled out the videorecorder and learned all kinds of things about her day

6 replies on “Snacking and chatting”! She is getting to be quite the conversationalist! I love when she makes herself laugh mimicking the dump truck. CUTE

I’m with you, Kate. . . OMIGOODNESS!!!! I L O V E hearing Hazel talk about her day! She is just delicious.

Yesterday’s construction site made a big impression. She’s such a silly goose — I never know what she’s going to say 🙂

Katie, your voice is so soothing I may need to call you midday for a chat. Also, Hazel is adorable (obviously) and very very clever. I like her dump motion! Is she a lefty? Or does she use both hands to eat?

Thanks Jackie! When the camera is rolling I’m always a little aware that the microphone is like 15 inches from my mouth so I might be overcompensating.

Hazel’s dump motion is one of her favorites and comes up a lot — dump trucks (obviously), our new dumping garbage trucks, a neighbor dumping yard waste into a bucket, etc.

She is pretty clearly a righty but uses her left hand to eat and draw still. In this video you may have noticed she gave up on the fork and picked up a piece with her right hand instead.

Which hand is Max’s dominant one and when do we get to see more pictures and videos of him????

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