We’re back

There was wading

And tugging

And swimming

And this

And that

And tigers

And sitting

And buses

And photographic evidence that I was there, too

And, for a time, a fever (her first!)

8 replies on “We’re back”

Sorry about the fever, but even sick, Hazel is SO beautiful! This set is fabulous.
(I want a pair of those pink polka dot socks in the worst way!!)

Well thank you. She was pretty unhappy in the sick picture but got some comfort from eating tiny pieces of ice we were giving her. Hotel tv helped too.

YAY! I was hoping you would post some from your Disney adventures. Looks like you guys are having a great time (despite Hazel’s fever!) Also, very fun that she was enjoying playing in the water!

By the end of vacation she could say swimming, suit, and pool. The water was a total success!

Welcome back! That last photo reminds me of the year I had the chicken pox at Disney World. It’s a funny place to be sick! Hope she’s feeling better. Did you see any characters, or were they strictly guarded and rigidly deployed to their posts at all the wrong times?

Chicken pox at Disney World!?! Terrible! Were you quarantined in your room the whole time?

The big exciting character moment was dancing with Woody on Main Street during a dance party. She loved it!

Oh hooray hooray hooray! I’ve missed your blog so much! It looks like a fantastic trip! I’m sorry about the fever, though. I hope Hazel feels all better!

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