Up uppy up on the hunt for a snack*

*We’ve been leaving this stool on its side between uses, but I must have forgotten and discovered her here after a chorus of “up uppy ups”

Eyes over sippy cup

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Kinda looks like she’s about to pour herself a shot of whiskey in that first pic; she’s got good taste! 😉

I’m sure! Babies have enough sense to know that raisins taste better than whiskey.

If I remember correctly, there are all kinds of delicious snacks up there. I would go for the dry roasted peanuts!!

I see the Beefeaters hiding behind the whiskey. She actually wanted a baby gin ‘n tonic, Auntie Carolyn, but maybe I’m expressing a personal preference here……….. oxo

I love how Hazel is looking at the camera very seriously as she is caught mid-snack hunt. She clearly meant business about those raisins!!

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