Moose crossing

Watching the beach for signs of the moose that just swam across Silver Lake then sauntered into the woods. No kidding.

Littlest camper

Not looking up because the sun was in her eyes

Studying rocks and mica with Heather

11 replies on “Moose crossing”

First moose sighting before the age of two?!? Some kids have all the luck.

I recognize that other lake, too. Yup, sure do. <3

I know! We really talked up the moose and she seemed to get that it was a big deal. Too bad I didn’t get a picture of the actual beast, but I made the decision to watch rather than record.

These photos are so awesome! What gorgeous fall scenery – and of course, the best photography subject in the world! 🙂

Pretty cool moose/WAU visit. Boosted by a Heather sighting too, Hazel does have all the luck.

WAUKEELA GIRLIE!!! Oh my, you made me get pretty misty here. All that and Heather too. A red letter (or maybe “White! Green!”) day.

I wouldn’t have thought of it myself, but you’re absolutely right: it was an awesomely Green! White! day 🙂

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