Thanksgiving weekend

Walking to the zoo

Sunning near the zoo

Among bamboo


High five

Riding the train!

Only Hazel can get Gamp to play on the floor

Playing with Theodore!

Group shot

7 replies on “Thanksgiving weekend”

You all are amazingly speedy posters! Wow! It is so nice to see everything you were up to while you were here, and even better to get to see you in person!! We miss you already!

We loved seeing you! Can we please have another Thanksgiving weekend soon for a do-over? Who do I talk to about that?

You’re BOTH speedy posters, and I am so grateful. I wish I could have witnessed this amazing reunion in person, but I feel almost as if I’d been there! Chipotle with Uncle Had, WOW.

They’ve remained in rotation and I’m sure you’ll get to meet them soon, too. This morning they had a swim in the bath with a certain tot.

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