This is how Hazel plays “toxyrhina” (aka Cretoxyrhina, a game in which her dinosaurs look for a shark from the Cretaceous time period) over the arm of a chair

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Okay, so seriously….We wish Lilly and I could join in on you and Hazels playtime! You have waaaaay better imaginations than us! The game of “How many Little People can you fit in a bus and/or airplane and then drive, crash and start over” isn’t nearly as fun!!!

You’re selling your airplane game short. Who doesn’t love an airplane or a bus? We also wish we could play together much more often!

I think if we combined the bus/airplane game with the Cretoxyrhina search, we’d have something amaaaazing.

Hazel invented the game but not the word. Cretoxyrhina is a real prehistoric shark that’s now extinct. We learned about it via Dino Train on PBS. The game of toxyrhina was Hazel’s idea, pretty much always gets played from the same chair, and has been going strong for a few weeks now.

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