Hazel’s first blizzard

Though Hazel loves wind in her hair she does not love snow in her face

After the crying there was some cautious observation

A certain large therapod helped us make the transition from tears to smiles



Eventually Hazel was brave enough for a solo trip


Our talented landlord made a cave in a huge drift in the middle of the driveway. He was kind enough to let us climb in and to take the following pictures (thanks Ted!)

5 replies on “Hazel’s first blizzard”

It’s a lot of snow. Next time there’s a blizzard in the forecast, pack up your family and head over!

We can always use more help shoveling. Ha!

These wonderful photos remind me of the ones of my sister from the Blizzard of ’78, although she was much littler…which means you’ll have them forever and marvel over them for years to come!

Hazel is so brave to sled by herself! I love the “cautious observation” photo.. she’s just easing into the whole blizzard scene.

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