En route to the mirror

To take a good look at herself wearing the frog backpack

And she likes what she sees!

7 replies on “Backpack”

Sweet “pack pack” as Coltan refers to it. He has an Alligator pack pack that he wears that enhances his ninja skills. Oh, and Lilly has on the same jammies tonight!!!

Oliver is certain his backpack is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shell.

Backpacks. Who knew they were so powerful?

The whole package is totally great. Footie PJ’s puddled around the ankles, the whole nine yards. xox

Awesome backpack. Will be very useful for transporting all kinds of buddies/dinos/cars/duplo people/snacks… the possibilities are endless!

Where did you get that backpack. I use to own one years ago and it was stolen from me when I lived in shared housing. I’ve been hunting for a replacement for 5 years now.

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