Challenge accepted

At 22 months Hazel has become a champion at avoiding the camera. To get a picture:

I have to scare her to the other side of the room with the vacuum (notice she’s holding a lamb and Buddy to her chest as shields)

Or hold the camera away from my face and hope she’s in the frame and in focus

Or try something goofy

Or accept her glare

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Hazel is so wonderfully opinionated! As much as I ADORE seeing her all the time on the blog (I check multiple times a day eagerly awaiting updates), tell her I’ll totally understand if she calls for a cut-back in photos while she’s not a fan of them (even though I’d miss her!).

I’m very impressed by your photographer creativity and persistance with a toddler who is so good at being her own self and I love how it’s documented in this post!

Thank you and thank you and thank you!

Isn’t it funny that Theodore and Hazel seem to have equally strong but opposite reactions to vacuum cleaners? I thought of him yesterday when we were vacuuming!

Sadly, Katie, I had the same experience when we visited! I used to come back with tons and tons of awesome pictures, but Hazel was too smart for my tricks at the ripe old age of 22 months. I will have to be more creative next time!

If she won’t even stand for Auntie Kate’s camera we know we’re in trouble!

Let’s be sure to get a super goofy one of you and Hazel when we see you!

Me, too, Uncle Hadley. Loved that one…also really appreciated Hazel’s use of “armor” as protection!

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