Tumble time

Wednesday mornings are pretty great!

Device trouble: trying to use the ipod as a tv remote control

Playing back at home

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Wednesday mornings do indeed look pretty wonderful! What a great set-up! BTW, Hazel, I TOO get confused with the various electronic devices. . .
(Nice digs, Lincoln!)

Thanks Vida. I thought the Lincoln and Hazel pose was pretty great, too!

Hazel was hoping and wishing that the ipod would somehow turn on the tv and the dvd player and magically play a very specific episode of Dinosaur Train. Apparently no such luck.

I love this whole post! The Hazel and Annie photo is terrific. It’s so good to finally see what Tumble Time looks like! It’s even greater than I’d imagined! I haven’t seen a sit-n-spin for years. Fun! And I love that Lincoln makes an appearance at the end!

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