Lincoln visits the vet

Hazel and black kitty came, too

Hazel’s kitty was treated like royalty: it was weighed, the doctor listened to its heart and it got a special paw bandage. (Lincoln was happy not to be the center of attention for a moment.)

There were pictures of cats and dogs in the waiting room

See the drops falling from the leaf into the puddle?

“I’m hello-ing”

Hazel has graduated to baskets of this size now

5 replies on “Lincoln visits the vet”

Lincoln was very stoic. It really was a great opportunity to be in a doctor’s office without Hazel being the patient!

This photo series is up there with the shots of Hazel playing with the paper at the doctor’s office when she was much smaller. I love that Hazel’s kitty was given a proper checkup!

Probably really good to have a great visit and check on all of Hazel’s buddies. Takes some of the mystery out of the doctor when everyone gets the same treatment! Great series!

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