Between naptime and bedtime

All tired out

What a scathing glance (Yes, I woke her, but it was time to get up anyway. Sorry bug.)

Sillying around

Toddler strength exercises

Kitty cameo

Littlest miner (They were searching for the missing green pacifier. It’s still on the loose.)

5 replies on “Between naptime and bedtime”

What an active little miner! In love the “just woke up” look. I can completely identify with it.

Hah! Ok I, too, love these photos for a few reasons:
1) Hazel looks like she is enjoying the best type of sleep, totally conked out and so comfy
2) Photo #2 definitely runs in the family!! (Hadley gives me that look basically every morning…)
3) The littlest miner photo is so awesome.

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