Sutton’s farm

It’s a good thing someone was willing to pick up tiny rocks while we waited for the farmers to break for lunch

Accidental twinsies in yellow

Actual catching!

Farmer Sutton gets to the bottom of the bug situation (there was a green one, a red one and an ant)

As usual Hazel loves chickens

This one’s the real deal

5 replies on “Sutton’s farm”

Looks like a fabulous day at the farm. . . I love how Hazel is sooo curious about absolutely everything! Great shot of her in the driver’s seat and I LOVE her ponytail do! SO big girl!

Looks like Sutton and Clare were wonderful farm tour guides! Hazel looks like she’s in heaven sitting on that tractor…

They were. Spectacular tour guides. Hazel and I both had a great time.

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