After the spray park

I snuck up on them

“Fooping” ice water

Here’s what I got when I asked to see her face

Apparently this is the pouting rock

Phew, back in the game

That last picture reminded me of this other one from about a year ago. Same ball, same yard, same tot…sort of!)

6 replies on “After the spray park”

What a difference a year makes! I love how all these photos show so much personality!

Thanks Abbey! We’ve been seeing quite a bit of “personality” these days…!

Omigoodness! Not at ALL the same tot! I agree with Abbey. . . I love seeing all of Hazel’s various faces, emotions, etc…and what beautiful orange day lilies in your yard. We have also had a banner year for day lilies. . .

You and Abbey are being a lot more positive than I am. I was using “personality” as a euphemism for fussy and whiny. But you’re right. We’re getting a lot of great personality moments out of Hazel these days, too.

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