First costume

Here comes the cook

Serving fruit stew and bread (or bread stew, as Hazel later called it)

In addition to giving Supey some stew Hazel informed us that the orange wasn’t ripe so we’d have to wait to eat it

When you’re two it’s quite a challenge to hold onto things with an oven mitt on your hand (plus dropping stuff is funny)

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We’ll have Hazel bring you a special serving of bread stew when we see you in NY.

I LOVE this costume! The hat is especially fun. Hazel looks like to be an excellent chef!

We couldn’t believe how long she wore the hat. Usually hats are on and off before I can even get a picture but she really loves this get-up and has worn it again twice today.

OMIGOODNESS! This series is both adorable and hilarious!! I seriously think Hazel could soon have her very own cooking show!!

I know, right? She’d make some pretty wacky concoctions for the toddler set.

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