24 hours in Woodstock

Hazel and Annabelle jumped right into music making

They loved the hammock (or “attic” as Hazel sometimes called it)

She also called it a “canoe” after I suggested that it looked like they were sitting in one

There were also bubbles

With excellent turn-taking

And many more turns in the hammock

Saying hi on the path to the tea house

We found a worm!

Annabelle and Emily took us to an amazing playground before we left town

Hazel really loved it; she buzzed all around quite independently

The girls mostly did separate things on the playground, but here they crossed a bridge together

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Oh My! What a good time you guys had. I’m sure the tea house was a hit and what a great time with great fam!! Hi to all, hope it was as fun as it looked!!

YES! It was wonderful! T h a n k- y o u Katie and Hazel for coming to Woodstock!! Please come again sometime soon!! “Come on!! ” 🙂

Vida! It was spectacular to see you in person after “seeing” you here in comments. Just spectacular!! 🙂

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