Busy bee

I caught a moment of playtime concentration during an especially rainy part of our rainy day (you can hear the rain falling in the video)

A moment of more uproarious fun from the evening. “Your hair is very beautiful” (0:18)

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Ok…the “Your hair is very beautiful” and “Hey Supey, what you doing?” is now my absolute, positively favorite video!! It seriously cannot get any sweeter and cuter than this!!
(p.s. Hazel, while I loved seeing you play with your blocks, I don’t much care for being taken by surprise, either! 🙂

Thanks Vida! Hazel says all kinds of things out of the blue lately. Yesterday we were playing tent under a really opaque fabric. It was too dark for Hazel’s liking so she asked for “a couple dark,” you know, as opposed to totally dark. Just a couple dark.

I have been playing the second video on repeat… “Your hair is very beautiful” and “Supey what are you doing?”… so cute, and that voice! Game over.

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