Back trails

Yeah, that’s right, I’m wearing a scarf outside

Exploring new territory at the farm

There were nature treasure boxes

And a kid-sized nest with gigantic eggs

Hazel adored the eggs: she sat on them to keep them warm, hugged them, kissed them, told them she loved them and discussed what was living inside each (mostly dinosaurs — makes sense based on size!)

Then we spent a long time hunting for sticks to lay across the eggs to keep them warm in our absence

Much to my shock Hazel was able to track down the barn cat on the way out of the farm yard

After I took a picture of her with him she wanted to take my picture with him (Seems I stood up too soon, oops)

6 replies on “Back trails”

No kidding! I had no idea such treasures were awaiting discovery on a property we’d already visited a billion times!

So is Hazel absolutely THE most frequent flyer at the farm? You all must be on a first name basis with the staff, not to mention the chickens and goats!

Haha, my dad recently asked the same question. Believe it or not, NO! Imagine all those folks who actually live close by!

She was so, so sweet with them. We see that kind of caring often, but we also see her dream up crazy daredevil accidents for her cars. Quite the study in contrasts. (Though, admittedly, the aftermath of all car wrecks involve a lot of pretend crying, comforting and doctoring.)

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