New friends

Early morning giggles. What are they laughing about?

Feeding the puppy of course!

Scene change: drinking milk with a straw at Theodore’s table!

Pick a letter, any letter

The four Allen Schacks plus Hazel (Welcome Phoebe!)

School bus catch with Theodore and Brita

Considering Clementine from afar

And now closer

Love this one

2 replies on “New friends”

WOW! I’m so impressed by your fast posting! We’re missing you guys terribly already and secretly hoping for a huge snowstorm that will keep you in DC for a longer visit. Thank you so much for coming!!!

Oh, and it looks like you’ve taken the still so far only picture of all four of us (although it took me a minute to figure out where I was :-)).

I almost included an apology for only including your back! How did I get no other pictures of you (with or without the rest of your family?)

We had a super duper time with all of you. Thanks for hosting the best playdate ever!

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