Sun series

Grapefruit juice has really honed Hazel’s glass-drinking skills

Double ramp plus a book bridge bonanza

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Wow. Sun. Such a fleeting commodity around here. Sunny windows are the best.
That ramp is awesome! Barry and Lucius (keeping company down in NJ) sent a great video clip of an elaborate marble run they had constructed. Ah, but it was more! The marble exited the run, went down a ramp, and knocked over a bunch of mini-bowling pins they had set up. Strike! It was epic.
We had GREAT fun visiting you three last Saturday. Here comes the snow again………..

GREAT fun seeing you three! Thanks for the visit. Wow to the amazing marble run with bonus features! Love that idea.

Did the cars make it all the way down that elaborate ramp?! Very impressive glass-holding skills too!

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