Planting seeds

Drawing/writing on her just-completed plant tag

Pouring, planting, watering

Now we wait (Hazel already checked for sprouts ten times today)

Bedtime: no longer in the dark

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LOVE that plant tag!!!
Last summer Lucius planted a pumpkin seed at the Farmer’s Market while they were staying with us in Marblehead. It sprouted quite promptly (days), so there’s hope for Hazel’s to do the same before her patience wears thin. L’s pumpkin plant quickly got to the point of needing to be transplanted from a dixie cup into an actual pot. He proudly participated. (I have some cute photos, duh, of course.) A month or so later we took the 6-8″ tall plant down to their new apartment in NJ. They finally planted it outside, and it was doing pretty well. Abby said it had some kind of flower on it. Then…tragedy struck…some creature devoured it right down to the ground one night. Happily, Lucius did not lose much sleep over this. 🙂 Happy Growing!

I’m not sure we’re getting anywhere with our bean seeds. Might have to try pumpkin seeds next time!

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