April = spring

We’re still loving April! It’s already given us so much!

This is Hazel’s preferred spot in the children’s room at the library: directly in front of the new books display

Home from the library and time to run around (literally…around the car)

Hazel pressed the shutter release button on this one (I’m feeling pretty sentimental these days about having an only child. Apparently it brings out the urge to take selfies…)

We stayed outside so long that Supey came home and played too!

This dance-like display was accompanied by shouts of “I win! I win! I win!” Where does she get this stuff?

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What is the title of that new book with the word Aunty in it? Inquiring aunties want to know!

What’s the matter Aunty May? It’s not one we read so its content is still a mystery…

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