Banner day at the farm

We witnessed the birth of a lamb! Talk about incredible timing!!

Here is said lamb just minutes after birth, being cleaned by its mother

And here are some rock explorers

Now you all, too, can witness the ritual of getting a stamp at the farm office

Grandma Linda’s in town!

Resting and snacking in the sun with Grandma Linda

Before leaving the farm we checked back in on the newborn. It was still getting cleaned but was a lot more active and attentive than at first

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OH, this is just so exciting and amazing! I’ve looked at that first picture over and over! Yes, what amazing timing! What an incredible day!

There were older lambs romping in the fields when we first got to the sheep shed and if it hadn’t been for Hazel’s insistence on going inside we might have missed the whole thing!

i used up my daily quotient of capital letters and exclamation points emailing you about these photos so i’m afraid my comment will be grammatically incorrect and you’ll have to infer my excitement

OH I am SO with you on this one!!! It was SO EXCITING!!!

And thanks for your email 🙂

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