Tools of various trades


Hazel thought Grammy’s yoga mat made a perfect picnic blanket

Working on pedaling…briefly

Then moving on to sand

And and castle/cake decorating

And dredging

Apparently the urge to redirect streams skipped a generation

The sun came out and so did the tools

Making repairs really helped Hazel forge a new relationship with “my buddy” the bike

3 replies on “Tools of various trades”

I really love this post! There is so much to do in New Hampshire! It’s almost like camp, but with fewer girls (and uniforms). Where did Hazel’s name tag come from? And do you guys know the Anne Rockwell book ‘The Toolbox’? It’s too young for Hazel now, but I’ve always been fond of it.

Thanks Brita! You’re right — lots of fun and almost like camp!

Hazel’s name tag came from Grampy! Doesn’t it look official?!

I agree. Fabulous post! I love Hazel’s new Buddy Bike and ALL the cool stuff she gets to do at Grammy and Grampy’s in NH!! (also curious about the name tag…)

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