Family of three getaway

To the beach!

There were huge waves our first day! Hazel thought they were way too loud

Showing off a treasure….there were lots of ocean treasures of course!

Our room was this close to the beach! (Pretty sure we’ve never slept so close to the ocean!)

Day two: we visited the swimming pool the minute it opened (steamy lens!)

Super kiddie pool, only 18 inches deep

All worn out and warmed up

Then back to the beach

Hazel spent the whole trip embellishing this castle with shells and rocks

Last big outing of day two: playground!

Taking orders through the lighthouse window

Funny that we left the beach only to find more sand to play in

Day three: short but sweet, getting in a morning story

Last hurrah

12 replies on “Family of three getaway”

Too bad you didn’t have ANY FUN.
(Hey, look at all that sunshine! Jackets are okay if they come with sunshine!)

Looks like a lot of fun!! Where did you guys go? It looks like you really lucked out on the weather!!

This looks like so much fun! I think I need to frame the 1st photo in this series!

What a fun time, i’ll bet you could hear the waves from bed! I particularly liked the pic of Supey and Hazel speaking through the playground boat window. Looks like a great getaway

We could hear the waves from bed, especially the first night when the sea was pretty rough. Hazel might be the only person on earth who doesn’t like the sound of waves…?

Hazel is still talking about it. Today she was trying to talk me into taking Lincoln back to the hotel at the beach 🙂

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