Memorial Day Parade 2014

Hazel was so excited! This was right when the parade was starting with a lineup of police motorcycles (Click for 2013 and 2012 parades)

Fire truck, Army jeeps and a pollipop (Hazel definitely remembered from last year that there was candy at the parade)

Flag waving! Grown up tears! (Not really, though I did get goosebumps from one marching band’s instrumental-then-singing medley of You’re a Grand Old Flag)

Baby boy is quite an obstacle these days (And two for two pushing my glasses up. Pesky things.)

4 replies on “Memorial Day Parade 2014”

Wow! A) Hazel has grown so much since her previous parades B) I love how excited she looks in the first picture and C) We can’t wait to meet baby brother (and see you guys of course!)

Katie, I’m just impressed that you can actually sit on the street curb and child- sized chair!!
(Not to mention get back up from that position!! )

Thanks Vida! The curb really wasn’t the most comfortable spot but it worked!

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