Buckled up times two

First trip with two kids in the back

Hazel was a great helper at Landry’s first appointment with the pediatrician

Playing with the scale

And the infant scale too

Speaking of scales, Landry now weighs 7 lbs 3 oz

After we got home we got Hazel’s second ever request to hold the baby

Taken yesterday at 5 days old

4 replies on “Buckled up times two”

I love all of these updates! Hazel seems to be settling into big sisterhood like a champ, while Landry appears to be taking it all in! I love the video, his little noises are so sweet. Can’t wait to give him a (gentle) squeeze!

Love them all! Very important to weigh lambies on the baby scale. How about that video – see how he alerts to the voice? I wonder what he’s thinking. Babies are clearly the best people, hands down.

Yeah, I have to agree. That eye contact is amazing! As Kate said, he seems pretty unfazed by it all – even starring in a video. (Well, he got such a nice belly rub out of the deal.)

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