One month in

Landry is one month old today!

He had his one month checkup today: 20.5 inches long, 10 lbs 14.5 ounces

This is what 10th percentile for height and 77th for weight look like

Lincoln stopped by for a sniff (he blends in up there in the upper left)

This smile is eerily similar to one that Hazel gave us on her one month birthday

Sunglasses, check. Sticker, check. “Suitcase” with stuffed animal, check.

Here’s Hazel answering literally the sing-songy question How big is Landry?

Family huddle in the wind from the air conditioner

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Having held him a few days ago, I’m not surprised in the least by that weigh-in. And I think I’m seeing that eye contact we spoke about – even in photos. Last but not least – great smile!

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