Town dock

Approaching the edge to throw acorns into the Charles

Landry likes forward-facing bjorning sometimes

Telling jokes in the shade of the trees

Cutting edge sky writing: five planes (drones?) simultaneously spewed these dashes!

Landry loves watching Hazel’s shows…and so do we

4 replies on “Town dock”

Ooh, this makes me miss your part of the world! I like Supey’s double undercover look: both sunglasses and baby concealing her identity. Wait, did I say Supey? I meant that mystery Bjorn-wearer…

Yes! I, too, like the babybjorn pic… and all those stripes!!

Katie, while I DO appreciate the matching shoe color, what’s up with the left footsie?

I bashed my baby toe on the baby chair. It’s a sprain…surprisingly and aggravatingly painful!

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