Big snowstorm #4

4th big storm in 4 weeks…

Look at those snow banks!

It is so cold and windy that icicles hanging from our eaves are curved!

Chocolate chip cookie cutouts

Hazel the baby gorilla

There have been so many indoor days this month! Sometimes it’s just mayhem around here

Think this is tall?

Try this!

5 replies on “Big snowstorm #4”

Oh wow! What a great day! So much snow! So many duplos! And chocolate chip cookie cut outs! What a clever idea!! Wish we could have joined you for your snow day!!

Coltan wants me to tell Annie and Hazel that they should send those pictures to Lego Club Junior Magazine to their “Cool Creations” section! He is very impressed! (You guys can sign up for a free subscription online!)

Totally stupendous tower! Kind of like the Boston snowfall amounts. Great work Supey and Hazel!

Lately, your posts remind me of the Steve Jenkins books with superlatives in the titles: tallest! snowiest! snuggliest! yummiest!

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