Hazel’s fourth birthday

Four years old!

Landry’s first experience of his sibling’s birthday

Birthday toenails

Scooter gang

Grandma Linda on the scoot!

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Roller skates!!! Theodore is going to be SO excited to hear all about them! It looks like a fabulous day! Hooray for four!!!!

Thanks for this wonderful post – I almost feel as if I’d been there! Love how many four-wheeled modes of conveyance were involved in the 4-year-old birthday – and bare (of socks, not paint!) piggy-toes, too! Not every April 12th allows for that! Lots of love to the new 4-year-old (and the whole family).

Um, and by “four-wheeled,” of course I mean two- and three-wheeled scooters as well as eight-to-a-pair roller skates. Guess I was too excited to count properly! Definitely ten bare piggy-toes, though. 🙂

What a spectacular birthday celebration! 4 is a huge, super, great (warm) deal! Can’t wait to see you guys and extend the celebration this weekend.

Love these pictures! Looks like Hazel had a delightful birthday and I’m so glad you had some nice weather for it, too.

Happy big long celebration, Ms. Hazel! Four deserves a week of parties, along with purple piggytoes!!

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