Weekend in Washington

We spent three nights in Washington, D.C.!

Landry was thrilled by the airport

Hazel flew with her very own backpack filled with provisions

Abbey and Theodore met us at the D.C. airport and brought stories for reading on the Metro

We did more reading on the bus leg to their house

Phoebe and Hazel

All four kids together! (Here’s the one time that’s happened before.)

This bus stop is special because it’s where Abbey, Theodore and Phoebe learned that Landry was about to be born

Theodore showed Hazel the way to one of his greatest playgrounds

Zip lining with Abbey!

Theodore showed Hazel how to ride the zip line alone (and then she tried it!)

High up in a rope bridge! (And here’s Theodore and Phoebe’s blog post of our visit including a shot of our clubhouse snack)

Landry in chips

Serving ice cream

Time with Uncle Hadley!!!!

Landry’s first trip to the National Zoo


Gibbons were a no-show but we enjoyed their area anyway

Landry took two carseat naps this trip. (Thanks for lending us equipment you guys!)

Big four year old porch sitter

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