Hurrah hurrah Pennsylvania! We went to Philadelphia!

Playing in a replica trolley

Reading with Ben Franklin

Landry wasn’t convinced that Ben was a statue

Walking in the Quad with Grampy

This talented balloon artist made Hazel a butterfly balloon

All worn out!

Hotel snuggle bug

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Hooray for these pictures! The campus is looking great, along with all of you of course!

Thanks Abbey and Brita! I love that you each have your own connections to Penn!

Barry was thrilled to see these pics. You made me misty, and I don’t have any connection to Penn, aside from Barry. It was just wonderful to see your whole family there. And not long ago (maybe a year) I sat down on that bench with Ben as well. xoxo Looks like it was a busy and great time!

Glad you both liked the pictures! Clearly your connection to Penn through Barry is compelling enough 🙂

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