Landry’s first birthday

Happy birthday little guy!

First thing in the morning and already excited

See what I mean about early?

Hazel made a nest for reading

Landry was born at 5:32pm which came around today while we were at the diner


No worries: enduring love

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Weird fact – Lucius ALSO celebrated the actual minute of his birthday a few days ago…in a DINER! He was chatting up the patrons and the (unbusy) wait staff, leading them in a countdown to 8:12 PM. At one point we grownups were still sitting in our booth, and he was at the bar, surrounded by the bartender and two waiters. Pretty funny.
Meanwhile – those images of Landry with the kitty – super fabulous. I’m sure it was a wonderful day.

Diner birthdays for boys! I also love those Lincoln pics. Happy 1st birthday to that BIG boy!

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