End of year celebration

Today was Hazel’s school’s end of year celebration. It was held in a park near the school.

Here come the students! Can you spot Hazel?

All lined up

When a bear wakes up in the morning it always says “good day” (roar roar)

Proud recipient of the three year old class completion certificate

The whole family was there

Littlest big boy keeps an eye on the action

Playtime! (For a sense of the chaos here’s a video of the same playground toy)

Quieter playtime

Hazel with both teachers

2 replies on “End of year celebration”

Congratulations, Hazel! Big day, big girl!
Landry: cool shades, and nice job keeping them on.

Hazel, Congrats! We’re SO SO proud of you! Looked like quite the celebration too! Love Unc Had and Auntie Kate.

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